A Girl's Guide to Lesbos

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A Girl’s Guide to Lesvos is the first ever attempt to present the island of Lesbos in a guidebook format in a way that connects it with the “L wor(l)d”. Tzeli Hadjidimitriou, who was born and grew up on the island, guides you through Lesbos with a women’s perspective. She is one of Greece’s most successful photo-journalists and has published eight books and countless travelogues in Greek newspapers and magazines. In thisguide, in addition to the beautiful photos, the artistic design, the extensive information about the place and its inhabitants, nature, culture and traditions, women will find the links between the present and historical memory. All that we know about Sappho, her poetry and her world, is presented here, finally giving the answer as to why Lesbians are named after the island and the truth about all the stories that have been written about the great poet in the last centuries, offering a more sensitive look at the emotional manner in which she communicated with her students. It also discusses recent history, the early years of the women’s pilgrimages of the 1960s, the situation with the locals, the atmosphere between the lesbians, the reactions of both elements and how we arrived at today, where we can go around Skala Eressos, such a conservative place, holding hands and swimming nude in the sea.

Eressos is the place that became our summer - and not only - “home” for the past few decades. A place where women feel free to express their feelings and pass relaxing days with their friends under the Aegean sun, protected and free.