Unexplored Kythera & Antikythera

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Just beyond the jutting edge of the Cape Malea’s treacherous cliffs, Kythera & Anti-Kythera have long been lands of exiles and pirate caves. Having resisted the ferocious spread of mass tourism that has marred many of the Greek islands, Kythera during Europe’s Enlightment period and even to this day, symbolises the idyllic journey to Utopia where no cloud can cast a shadow over the ‘blessed’ population.

Today, the island where Aphrodite was born, is opening itself to the outside world as third- generation emigrants return alongside first-time travellers. The misty walking tracks with the long abandoned ruins, the surrounding stormy seas, the forceful winds and the hidden beaches, all reveal Kythera’s true essence to the reflective traveller who seeks the wisdom of the Myth and the authentic aromas that exude from the gentle embrace of this charmed island.

A drift in the middle of ocean, abandoned by the Gods as well as people and overlooked by the run-of-the-mill tourist, Anti-Kythera is the ‘Holy Grail’ of true adventurers. Unyielding to the modern desires of travel comfort, this time-forsaken land is a revelation.

The latest ROAD Editions travel guide Unexplored Kythera & Anti-Kythera boasts an extensive array of stunning photographs, meticulously researched information and a passion for what makes Kythera & Anti-Kythera and its people distinctive. Writer Tzeli Hadjidimitriou reaches beyond secrets old & new and accompanies us on this vivid and fantastical journey allowing us to encounter two remarkable destinations

In Unexplored Kythera & Anti-Kythera you will find thorough details about the local history, mythology, architecture, arts & crafts, cuisine and how the locals go about their everyday. An extensive selection of excursions that take in almost the least travelled part of this unforgettable land as well as current listing of essential services, how to arrive safely on the island, where to stay and a variety of recreational advice to make your Voyage to Kythera outstanding.