In search of Orpheus

"Orpheus" is part of a series of films under the title "Silent Path". They are shot in Lesvos, Greece, during the financial and migrant crisis. The aim of the series is to give a voice to everyday people who live their lives quietly, but know how to share, laugh, create, love, endure and keep on going with dignity, preserving a way of living in harmony with their environment.
The film "Orpheus" follows the traces of the mythical musician in Lesvos, Greece, where, as legend has it, his head and his lyra were washed up on the coasts of the island. We meet ordinary people of the area and ask them what they know about the legent. Their answers are staggering, as they have modified the story according to their own imagination. In other words, they each make up one more tale to the many tales about Orpheus. Among these people, we encounter the famous Chinese poet Lanlan. For her, this place gives birth to music and poetry.
As the film was shot on coasts where refugees continually land, even before the big exodus of 2015, people also talk about it in our conversations.