Sappho singing


Sappho Singing. A woman's love and legacy across millennia in a timeless Lesbian landscape.
For the first time, the lyric poet Sappho is presented as a modern woman whose opinions about equality and art still matter 2,600 years after her death. This time round she turns up in her birthplace, the remote village of Eressos on the Greek island of Lesvos and moves among its modern-day inhabitants. The stunning coastal landscapes, provide the backdrop for this unique lesbian-made production. Charmingly, a close harmony trio in twenty-first century guise sings traditional songs, recalling these lost loves. Sappho is reminded that the girls she once loved have gone, but when she moves to the nearby beach resort in summer she discovers scores of women ready to party and she takes full advantage.
Sappho's poems resonate down the ages in this humorous and touching film about love and legacy, based on a 2010 play by the acclaimed veteran writer Maureen Duffy.