ΛESVIA, The herstory of Eressos

This film records 40 years of stories, memories, love affairs, social conflicts, joy, sharing, in the village of Eressos and the lesbian community that still thrives there. I tell this story from my place as a Lesvian-lesbian, trying to make a home in the world that can include both parts of myself.

Sappho singing

Sappho Singing. A woman's love and legacy across millennia in a timeless Lesbian landscape.

Grannies, Sappho's granddaughters

This is the trailer of "Grannies, Sappho's granddaughters", a documentary about four women from Lesvos, Greece." Grannies" is part of the series "The Silent Path" that narrates a way of life, disappearing because of globalisation.

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