Kythera, secret and unexpected

I saw Kythera for the first time in 1984. It was love at first sight. I was enchanted by the dry wind coming from the yellow fields, the heat in the interior of the island, the large waves at Aghia Pelaghia and the caves of Palaiopolis. What will remain, however, in my heart forever are the scattered ruins, the arches with their grape vines, tha bougainvillea and jasmine flaring up and filling the ruined walls abandoned for years by people who dreamed of making a quiet and happy life in the houses they built with their own hands. I did not search for and did not see the people.

Quiet moments at Kesariani hill

Quiet moments and peaceful thoughts...A break from the stressful, everyday reality...Kesariani hill with the botanical garden and the byzantine monastery which is built with the columns of the ancient Greek temple and now includes precious hagiography frescos, is a unique place for a short escape from Athens.

Greek elections 2012, in Agra, Lesvos

Greek elections 2012, in a small village in Lesvos. You will be surprised to see how wise locals were and the lies that the politicians told us in order to get elected. No more words, just watch it!

Strange visitors in my garden: A lame hedgehog

A cold winter day, a little hedgehog appeared in my garden, in Eressos, on Lesvos island, Greece.


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